Share Capital

Why You Need A Share Capital Account

A Share Capital Account is fundamental when joining a savings and credit cooperative like HACO Sacco. It symbolizes your ownership and commitment to the cooperative, designating you as a member-owner with a voice in its operations and decisions.

Additionally, your share capital may earn dividends, providing you with an extra source of income and rewards for your loyalty. Moreover, your share capital can serve as collateral when applying for loans, enhancing your eligibility and loan terms. In essence, a Share Capital Account is not just a financial obligation; it symbolizes your active membership, ownership, and contribution to the cooperative’s financial stability and your own journey toward financial empowerment and growth.

What It Is:

A Shares Account is your entry point to HACCO Sacco. You establish your ownership and commitment to our cooperative by becoming a member and holding shares.

Earn dividends annually on your shares, reinforcing your financial position as you contribute to the cooperative’s growth. However, you cannot seek a refund of your money. You may choose to transfer it to another member even when you wish to exit.

Joining Requirements:

Membership in HACCO Sacco is required, including paying a minimum entrance fee of KES 15,000 and maintaining a minimum share capital.

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