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Welcome to Haco Sacco

Your trusted partner for secure savings, affordable loans, and rewarding investments. With a legacy from 1980, we’ve evolved into a dynamic cooperative serving individuals, businesses, and corporations across Kenya. Discover your power of unity, savings, and growth with HACO Sacco.

Finacial Stability

Our commitment to financial stability ensures your financial future remains secure and prosperous.

Competitive Rates and Returns

Watch your wealth grow at rates that outpace the market with consistent offers that give competitive interest rates on savings and investments.

Tailored Financial Solutions

Whether you’re saving for a dream home, funding your child’s education, or starting a business, our tailored services ensure your goals are within reach.

Community Impact and Outreach

Joining Hacco means contributing to positive change in society while achieving your financial aspirations.

Our Mission

“To provide excellent and affordable financial services to transform our members’ lives.”

We understand the power of financial security and growth in shaping the future. Every service we offer, from savings to loans to investments, is designed to be excellent, affordable, and accessible, ensuring that our members can fulfill their dreams, secure their families’ futures, and achieve their financial goals.


Our Vision

“To be a distinguished Sacco offering competitive financial services.”

We aspire to be more than just a financial institution; we aim to be distinguished. We envision ourselves as pioneers in the cooperative financial sector, setting the bar high for excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Our Core Values

We embrace the values of dignity, passion, equity, fairness, credibility, transparency, and professionalism in every interaction. These values guide our commitment to providing excellent and affordable financial services while fostering a culture of trust, respect, and accountability.


What Have We Accomplished?

With over four decades of experience, we have grown and adapted to serve members from diverse sectors, embodying our commitment to excellence. Regulated by SASRA, our member-driven governance ensures transparency and trust.

Our Board of Directors

With a shared commitment to transparency, accountability, and member-centric governance, our Board ensures that every decision aligns with our mission of transforming members’ lives through financial empowerment.

David Kuria


Daniel Onyango

Vice Chairman

Mercy Wandeto


Peter Nganga


Jack Gitau

Board Member

Maurice Makhanu

Board Member

Geofferey Ivayo

Board Member

Edward Kariuki

Board Member

Peter Kagai

Board Member

Godfrey Mwanzia

Board Member

Our Board of Supervisory

With a shared commitment to transparency, accountability, and member-centric governance, our Board Of Supervisory ensures that operations align with our mission of transforming members’ lives through financial empowerment.


Anne Zinde


Fransis Musembi


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Kasarani, Off Thika rd Nairobi, Kenya.

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