Christmas Saving

Why You Need A Christmas Saving Account

As someone looking to join a savings and credit cooperative like HACO Sacco, having a Christmas Savings Account can be really handy. It’s a special savings account designed to help you save money specifically for the holiday season. This means you can set aside money throughout the year, so when the holidays come around, you’ve got the funds you need to celebrate and share special moments with your loved ones.

The best part is that this account doesn’t just hold your money; it also helps it grow a bit through something called interest. So, you end up with a little extra cash to make your holidays even better. You can add money to this account daily, weekly, or monthly, whatever works for you. This way, you can plan your savings in a way that fits your budget.

What It Is:

Flexibility in contributions (daily, weekly, or monthly) ensures you’re well-prepared for the holiday season.

Joining Requirements:

Start with a minimum monthly savings contribution of KES 500.

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