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HACO Sacco Membership
HACO SACCO members are employees of HACO Tiger Brand industries Kenya Limited and affiliated companies. Ex-members of staff are also eligible for membership in the society. Currently, HACO SACCO has a membership of about 754 members.

The by-laws do not allow other persons or employees of other organization to be members.

How to Become a SACCO Member
A person shall be eligible to join HACO SACCO if he/she possesses the following qualifications: -
  • Is within the field of membership consisting of the following common bond;
    • Is a regular employee of HACO Tiger Brands Limited or affiliated company.
    • Is a full time employee of HACO SACCO Limited.
  • Is not less than eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Is not directly or indirectly a moneylender, cash daily collector or carrying out such activities detrimental to the objectives of the SACCO.
  • Is of good character and of sound mind.
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